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We are a group of Facebook Friends that have decided not to let inactivity and bad eating habits control our lives! We don't just write and talk about fitness and diet...we walk the walk! Come join us!

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Previously, we had decided to stop the 30, 60 and 90 day FFFC Challenges! Nothing is ever written in stone? We’re bringing back a 90 day summer fitness program and we’re calling it the 90 Day Fitness Tune Up! Let’s make this July, August and September the best three months this year! Lose weight, get fit and be ready for a grand ole fall and winter!

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Now that we have your attention...well?




I lost 37 lbs getting off sugar, then 18 lbs in our first challenge! Hoping to lose 29 more and start firming up!



FFFC Leader

Ed wants to lose 8 pounds and get even more fit over the next 100 days!


Fitness Instructor

Our real life FFFC Fitness Instructor!

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Never A Charge


  • 1 mile walk daily
  • 10 minute Tibetan Exercises
  • 5 minute weights while walking
  • Gym as needed
  • Jump rope twice per week

Best Fit

  • 3 mile walk daily
  • 20 minute Tibetan Exercises
  • 10 minute weights while walking
  • Gym 2 times per week
  • Jump rope three times per week

Rigid Body

  • 5 mile walk daily
  • 5 Tibetan Rites
  • 20 minute weights while walking
  • Gym three times per week
  • Jump rope daily